July ALYoF And Vacation’s End

I spent the last days of vacation getting back into the normal routine and sewing as much as possible. I finished the FQ challenge quilt just in time. It was my July ALYoF goal and one of two quilts on the Short List.


I’d planned on a rope-like quilting pattern in the sashing, but it didn’t look right. I started stitching it in silk thread and had a terrible time removing it. That silk thread doesn’t break no matter how hard you pull on it.

I also took time to set up my old sewing machine on the desk in license boy’s room. That was my sewing room for many years and a lot of my books and supplies still live there. Now I can have both a piecing and a quilting project going at once.

I’m linking to Fiber of All Sorts. Lots of other people finished their July projects, so check it out.

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Staycation Day 6: Roadtrip

A quilt shop about an hour from here had a tent sale, and my friend and I decided to make a day of it. We started at the sale. I had never seen anything like it. Fabric was priced at $4 a yard (not new) and the shoppers were buying the whole bolt of whatever they managed to pick up (that part was new). People even walked through the line asking if you were taking the whole bolt of what you were holding. My five yards was nothing compared to what most people bought.

After we ate lunch we headed over to the Amish quilt shop and bulk food store. The quilt shop was hard. I’m not sure how they buy fabric so cheap, but their prices are 25-40% less than what the other quilt shops charge. I picked up one cut, but I would have loved to buy more. Maybe after I use up some of what I already have….


We made several other short stops and got home about dinner time.

No fabric out this week, but I’m close to a finish. Next week I can ever so slightly redeem myself.

To see the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric in: 40 5/8 yards

Fabric out: 19 3/8 yards

Net Added: 21 1/4 yards

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Staycation Days 4 And 5: Machines

The temperature soared into the 90s on Tuesday, making it a great day to set up the new machine and start sewing. The new machine handles a lot different than the old one. I had to make a lot of tension adjustments before I got it right. The quilting should go faster now.


The yellow quilting thread against the dark fabrics helps to tie in the sashing. I like this quilt better the more I work on it.
The hot weather brought torrential rain overnight and Wednesday stayed overcast until mid-afternoon. We picked that day to go to The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
This is such a guy’s museum. The full impact of some of the early machines was lost on me since I had no idea what they did or how they were used. It struck me that safety wasn’t even a vocabulary word back in the day. I also never knew that the pilot had to lie on his stomach to fly the Wright Brother’s plane. I wonder if they tied him on? They had guts, I’ll give them that.
I liked the furniture exhibits the best. You don’t see that kind of detail and complexity in furniture anymore.
My husband and I remembered way too much of what they had on exhibit. Talk about feeling old. The newsreels were fun, like a trip down memory lane.
This really is the best vacation ever.

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Staycation Day 3: Things With Motors

I started this day with sewing machine shopping. I have lived with only one machine forever. If it goes in the shop I don’t sew that week. If I’m quilting something I finish it before I piece something else because I don’t want to change the machine set-up. This year my old machine broke right before we were snowed in for three days. Sad face.
I sewed on the machine I thought I wanted, and then I sewed on a machine with similar features. I stuck to my original choice and bought a Pfaff with the ten-inch bed. Talk about a world of difference when you quilt. I should have done this years ago.
The family spent the afternoon in the boat on the Maumee River. We were the only ones out there except a couple of kayakers. It was a little on the hot side, but otherwise a perfect day.


I took a picture of this tree because the exposed roots were so cool. See the deer path on the left? The deer swim out to this island and do whatever deer do.
The tree picture may turn into a quilt.
Still on track to be the best vacation ever.

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Staycation Day 2: Getting Organized

I listen to books on CD in the car and the current one explains how to organize your whole life in one year. Right. Now that I’m past the absurdity of the idea I can pick up some useful tips.
Me and those tips went to the grocery store and found these cool organizers.

The package doesn’t lie – they are made of sturdy plastic. I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in them, but they’re fine for the bathroom, office, etc. Some assembly required, but even I could figure it out. They come 3 in a pack for $2.99. The first set lives in the bathroom, and I plan to buy more once I start cleaning in other rooms.
I also cleaned up the sewing room and pulled out everything to start quilting the FQ challenge quilt. I drew on clear vinyl to audition quilting designs.


It’s hard to see the lines over the dark fabrics because I used black sharpie. The marker comes off the vinyl with a little rubbing alcohol. Good to know I can reuse it. The roll will probably last me the rest of my quilting life.
So far I’m spending my days doing all those things I want to do and never find time to do. This may be the best vacation ever.

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Staycation Day 1: The Stash Takes A Hit

I’m on vacation this coming week. Between mom’s hospitalization, the cat getting sick and license boy being a teenager, we could not work out a trip to some fun exotic destination. It’s one thing to have someone pet sit, another to have the person force medicine down our cat’s throat.

That means I have to make my own fun close to home.

Today we had our guild meeting, which included the annual garage sale. I sold half of what I took and only bought one piece of fabric.

fish batik 

The fish batik caught my eye. I find it strangely compelling.

From there we went to our favorite thrift shop. They had half off fabric today. They already sell it dirt cheap. Half off made it impossible to pass up anything decent.

I picked up some muslin, some cotton sateen, a nubby open weave piece and a large piece of silk for about $2.


The nubby piece is quite soft. No idea what it would be used for, but I’ll put it in art quilts. I can get two short sleeved shirts out of the silk there’s so much of it. Total damage is 7 5/8 yards in, nothing out.

I have no illusions of ending this year in the black. There are two more fabric sales coming up in the next two weeks, and I’m going to both. I can’t pass up good quality fabric at such low prices. After that, the sales stop until December.

To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric in: 33 3/4 yards

Fabric out: 19 3/8 yards

Net Added: 14 3/8 yards

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Better Than Christmas

My local library has book sales every few months. Sometimes I go and sometimes I don’t. I don’t NEED more books, but I can’t stay away. Those sales are too much fun.
Over the last month the library has cleaned out their shelves. I know almost half the quilting books were sacrificed for the greater good, which meant they would be at the sale today. I made sure I got there right after it opened because the good stuff never lasts.
I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed, but I came home with ten quilting books and one token non-quilting book for $5.

Except for the book on beading, I have checked out all the other books at one time or another, some several times. I’m so happy to own them now that I can’t borrow them anymore.
I could retire tomorrow a happy woman.
Good thing I’m on vacation next week.

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