For those of you that already saw this, I apologize. It’s time for me to link up my September A Lovely Year of Finishes goal. I wanted to get Joan’s Garden to the point where I could quilt it, which I did.

joans-garden-topNo idea when I’ll get around to quilting it, but it’s ready when I am.
My next big decisions are what to take to retreat this weekend and what to put on “The List” to finish in October. They should go hand in hand, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Retreats are good for piecing tops or finishing small projects. Retreats are not good places to machine quilt or work on something that takes a lot of space.
I have many things I could work on. I’m my own worst enemy here because I do not want to start something new and I don’t want to take my new sewing machine. That machine is heavy. And bulky. Did I mention how heavy it is?
On the UFO front I promised myself I’d stop at 25. Joan’s Garden is UFO #26. Must. Finish. Something.
I’m sure I’ll work it out by the time I leave Friday.

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Thinking And Not Doing

I did not have a productive week. On the upside, I did not buy fabric.
I looked over some purse patterns for my art quilt group’s pocket challenge. I chose thread to quilt Retro Charm, but didn’t have enough for the whole quilt. Two stores later I have quilting thread.
I also auditioned quilting designs. I’m good on the sashing but don’t like what I have for the blocks.


It bothers me. Not sure why. It just does.
I have retreat next weekend. Thought about what to take to that. I’ll have to leave half way through because of obligations that came up well after I signed up to go. It definitely dampened my enthusiasm. I don’t want to pack up any more than I have to for one day.
To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.
Fabric in: 70 yards
Fabric out: 21 5/8 yards
Net Added: 48 3/8 yards

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Do Over

This week was a total do over. I’m still fighting the crud that makes me want to sleep all the time. I went to guild in the morning yesterday and came home and slept. I went to bed early even. I’m glad there are no other symptoms, but the constant fatigue needs to go.
Very little moved in the sewing room this week. I brought a kit home from guild that will sew up into a charity quilt. I’m not counting it as fabric in since I don’t get to keep it. It’s just visiting for a while.


This kit even included binding fabric. I like these super scrappy quilts more with each one I make.
Linking up to Patchwork Times.
Fabric in: 70 yards
Fabric out: 21 5/8 yards
Net Added: 48 3/8 yards

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A Little Quilting Decision

So less than a month into the school year license boy managed to bring home one of those multi-symptom always evolving nasties that make you wish you could spend the day in bed. I got off easy with mostly fatigue. Still, it cut into the creative time.
Since I wasn’t up to basting a big quilt, I decided to pull out the monochromatic challenge piece and finish it in a multi-color kinda way.


I trimmed three sides and left one uneven because I liked it that way. I sketched the design in fuchsia and plan to sew it that way. It was the only color that popped when I auditioned thread.
Not sure about the rest of the design. I like to let it unfold in its own time.
My goal is to finish it for Art Quilt Group Tuesday. I am sadly behind on the monthly challenges and want off that train.
I could use a little more creative play in my life.

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The Big Quilting Decision

I finished sewing Joan’s Garden together, as much as I plan to for quilting.


I decided to quilt it myself using a quilt as you go method. I bought the wide bed sewing machine for that purpose and feel bad I haven’t used it more. I also feel compelled to start quilting all my own stuff. It’s the next logical step in my quilting journey.
This top is as good a place to start as any. All those fabrics should hide a multitude of sins.
I made sure I was nowhere near a place I could buy fabric this week.
I’m linking up to Patchwork Times.
Fabric in: 70 yards
Fabric out: 21 5/8 yards
Net Added: 48 3/8 yards

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Dropping Yogurt, Adding Oatmeal

I’m outdoing myself on the new foods lately.
After trying and not liking the soy yogurt, I switched to coconut milk yogurt. I liked that even less. It has an underlying tang to it that doesn’t appeal to me. I hear there are almond milk yogurts on the market, but I haven’t found them in the local stores.
Since I haven’t found a non-dairy yogurt I like, I’ve dropped the idea of making it myself.
The next new food to hit my table was gluten free oatmeal.


I admit I’m not a big oatmeal fan beyond adding it to chocolate chip cookies. I decided to give it a try with the weather turning colder. I want something hot and filling and satisfying when it’s cold outside.
It rates a thumbs up from me. I even screwed up and added too much water and it still turned out good. It had plenty of apple pieces and not too much cinnamon. Maybe next time I’ll add some nuts. I wouldn’t want something that sweet for breakfast, but I’d eat it for lunch or dinner. It definitely made a healthier dessert than a handful of M&Ms.
I also bought the oatmeal because every ingredient is a recognizable food item. No weird chemicals. No mystery ingredients. I can pronounce every word.
By cutting nearly all the dairy and gluten from my diet I stopped the headaches and feel much better. It took a solid two weeks for me to notice the difference. It’s so easy to get a little sloppy about your diet over time because gradual changes in health tend to go unnoticed. I’m back on track now and ready to try other new foods.

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Stash Report And Garden Rows

I so wanted to start a new project yesterday. I’m a little bored with posting about the same quilt all the time with me sewing at a snail’s pace. Before I made it into the sewing room reasonableness won out. I need to work on the twenty-something projects in process first or I’ll never clear the clutter out of my workspace.
I’m half way through sewing the rows together for Joan’s Garden.  The next row is spread out across the ironing board.  A big quilting decision looms in the near future.


I’m linking up at Patchwork Times.
Fabric in: 70 yards
Fabric out: 21 5/8 yards
Net Added: 48 3/8 yards

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