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In With the New

The new furniture came last Thursday.  We were more excited than kids at Christmas.  Our old furniture had passed its useful life about ten years ago, when our son was at the age where he wiped his gooey hands and … Continue reading

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Circle Project

   The book is “Patchwork Puzzle Balls”, by Jinny Beyers, and this is the ball I finished last night.  The project was chosen on a whim.  I was at the library browsing the books in the quilting and sewing sections of … Continue reading

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Article Found and Another Quilt Group

After a longer than necessary search, I found the article on page 21 of the September 2006 issue of Quilting Arts magazine.  It was called “Sun Prints with Tissue Paper” by Karen Eckmeier.  Her quilt is also on the cover.  … Continue reading

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I planned to post about various quilting topics, but it feels too trivial now.    I just got off the phone with my sister in San Diego.  Her and her husband, as well as their home, are safe.  At one … Continue reading

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Something Extra

This blog has been up a month now.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by and looking.  I hope you take something positive away with you –  an idea, a smile or a bit of information.  Quilting is all about sharing, so … Continue reading

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Look What I Found

I was looking for my paint rag the other day and found this.   A couple years ago, I bought some bleeding art tissue to try a technique from Quilting Arts Magazine.  I didn’t spend much time playing with it … Continue reading

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We Have a Winner

After getting close with the last sample, I jumped right in and did another one.  The combo was freezer paper stencils, stencil brush, paint and textured fabric.  One sample is white on white; the other is cream on cream.   … Continue reading

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The Results Are In

This is the resist sample – washed, dried and heat set.   The glue gave the cleanest outline, but I think the sample contains residual glue.  The fabric is slightly discolored and stiff, although it barely shows in the picture.  I … Continue reading

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Another Round with Resist

I’ve started the next sample with various resists.  Here’s what I used.   The school glue is nothing special, but it does wash out.  I picked it up at WalMart for fifteen cents, making it the cheapest quilting supply ever.  … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected

Now that I’m caught up on my swap blocks, I want to stay that way.  So I sat down over the weekend with this pile of scraps and the theme for the month:  pine trees, but not Christmas trees.   … Continue reading

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