Another Round with Resist

I’ve started the next sample with various resists.  Here’s what I used.

various resists


The school glue is nothing special, but it does wash out.  I picked it up at WalMart for fifteen cents, making it the cheapest quilting supply ever.  I bought the gutta resist at the Prochem booth at Quilt Festival in Chicago a few years back.  The Shiva paintstik was purchased after a class with Laura Murray at the Sewing Expo near Detroit.  The rubbing plates came from a local teacher supply store.


Both the gutta and the glue have to dry before applying paint.  I let the fabric sit overnight on a piece of cardboard to dry.  Can anyone guess why this wasn’t a good idea?  Yes, the back of the fabric now has bits of cardboard glued to it.  They should come out when I wash out the glue, but the paper may wick up paint and redeposit it where I don’t want it.  Time will tell.  I reapplied glue to a different spot on the sample just in case.  This time, I let it dry on a plastic container lid.

The idea of using glue as resist came from  the Living and Dyeing under the Big Sky blog.


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