Circle Project

puzzle ball  

The book is “Patchwork Puzzle Balls”, by Jinny Beyers, and this is the ball I finished last night.  The project was chosen on a whim.  I was at the library browsing the books in the quilting and sewing sections of the shelves when this book jumped out at me.  It’s an odd twist on the theme, but this isn’t a group that will expect something traditional.


In spite of the directions, these can be machine pieced and stuffed with polyester stuffing.  The book suggests hand piecing is easier and polyester stuffing is too soft.  The ball is firm enough for me.  Since my son and I will be throwing it around in the house, I didn’t want something so hard it could break a lamp.  I also rotary cut the pieces using plastic templates as a guide. 


Puzzle balls are quick and fun and a lot less serious than many quilting projects, plus you can play with them once they’re done.  Sometimes, you just have to sew.

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