In With the New

The new furniture came last Thursday.  We were more excited than kids at Christmas.  Our old furniture had passed its useful life about ten years ago, when our son was at the age where he wiped his gooey hands and snotty nose on whatever was handy.  Several other phases, including spilling food, using paints, and hiding food wrappers under the cushions instead of throwing them away, followed that phase.  We decided to wait until he was older rather than buy furniture and forbid anyone to sit on it (like mom always did).


So now it’s here and we LOVE it!  The only drawback is that everything else in the room looks old and tired next to the new stuff.  For a quick and easy fix, I bought pillow forms at Joann’s and made covers.


 I used the envelope method so I could change the covers to match the seasons or the holidays.  I used up some stash, and everything is washable.  My sister brought me the fabric on the right as a gift from her trip to France last year.  Isn’t she the best?     

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