Fun Links

The Quilting Arts website has added a page to search for Quilting Arts TV in your area.  I’ve searched but my local PBS stations don’t broadcast the program.  You can search the listings here or sign up for the newsletter and explore other fun links.


I know some of you are waiting to see the silly putty stamp results, which I plan to post this weekend.  Once I take the time to set up all my painting supplies I like to have enough time to play.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time for this after work.  In the winter I paint on either my dining room table or my kitchen counter.  Either way, it needs cleaned up when I’m done or before the next meal, whichever comes first. 


I’m happy to see I’m not the only one finding unusual uses for silly putty.  Check out the winner’s list for the silliest uses of silly putty contest, or a more practical list, plus some history, here.

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