In a Mood

In the summer, hummingbirds come and live at our house.  We fill feeders for them, and their calls and the hum of their wings become part of the daily background noise.  Sometimes they hover at the screens and watch us.  We recognize them by their markings.  Then something changes in the air and they disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

Moods are much the same.  Sometimes one comes and visits, stays for a while, then leaves with the wind.  I never know what brings it or what tells it to go.  I expect to see it again someday whether I want to or not.

So it goes with hand appliqué.  Right now I’m in the mood, so I finished the 1940’s Dresden block I started back in October

October dresden 

and prepped a new one.

dresden three 

The background is seventeen inches square, which is the sum total of my stashbusting this week.  I bust a lot more stash when the piecing mood comes and visits. 

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