Putty Prints

I played with the silly putty stamp this weekend as promised.  I tried a few different techniques, with one working better than the other.

For the first attempt, I coated the stamp with paint using a foam brush then pressed it into the fabric like I would any other stamp.

stamp 1 

I didn’t want to press too hard because it would distort the putty, which is why the print isn’t sharp.  I also had a hard time determining where the design would end up on the fabric because I couldn’t see the placement well. 

For the second attempt, I coated the stamp with paint and placed the fabric over it. 

stamp 2 

Then I rubbed along the raised ridges with my finger to transfer the design to the fabric.  I used more paint this time, and I was more confident of the correct placement.  Happy with the results, I moved on to the real thing.

Jan TIF 

This is the finished block for the January TIF challenge.  I have decided to treat this project as a block of the month.  Making sure all the blocks play well enough together to go in the same quilt will add to the challenge.

Thanks again to Sharon for organizing this.  It’s been a great experience; both for what I’ve learned and what others have shared.  This challenge includes some talented people creating amazing designs.  To see everyone’s work, go to the list of blog and flickr posts here.

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