State of the Stash

Lots of stash activity to report this week.

I bought three yards of fabric last Sunday at the quilt shop’s Superbowl sale.  You can see what I bought here.  I have projects planned for all the fabric, but some will end up in stash because I bought extra.  I hate it when I run out!

I also finished the strippy quilt this week.  I folded the extra backing to the front and sewed it down with a zigzag stitch instead of attaching a traditional binding.


I’ve never tried this before but I will use it again, especially on drag quilts and charity quilts.  It’s a huge time saver.  You can see the full quilt here.

I also started a fabric grocery bag.  I shop at a few stores that either don’t provide grocery bags or charge for them.  This bag will live in the van with another tote bag so I will have them when I need them.  The bag used ¾ yard of fabric from stash.  You can find the free pattern online here.

My totals for the week are three yards added and 11 ¾ yards used.  For the year I am at three yards added and 12 yards used.

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