My husband dropped off my sewing machine at the dealer’s Monday.  I hated parting with it, but it wasn’t running right.  Something in the upper tension catches, causing a grinding noise and making the hand wheel difficult to turn.  I hope it’s just dirty and a good cleaning will fix it.

I tried everything to make it run right.  I rethreaded it about a dozen times.  I changed the thread.  I changed the needle twice.  I cleaned out the bobbin area three times.  I rethreaded the bobbin half a dozen times.  Nothing made a difference.

On the bright side, I finished the fabric grocery bag before I decided the machine had to go in for service.

grocery bag 

I figure life will give me hours of free time this week since I don’t have my good machine.  It’s Murphy’s Law of sewing time.  What can I work on without a machine?  I can continue appliquéing the 1940s dresden plate blocks.  I can cut into the yummy fabric I bought to make that purse.  I can play with the paints and the dyes.  I’ve wanted to try more stamping with silly putty.  I have a design challenge to work on in EQ6 for the EQArtTutorial YahooGroup.

Machine?  I need a machine?

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