I’m registered to go to retreat near the end of March.  I’ve already started looking through my UFOs to figure out what I’m taking.  I like making the decision a few weeks ahead of time so I’m not rushing to gather supplies.  Sometimes I need to go to the store or the quilt shop for needles, fabric, thread, etc.

Right now I have my eye on this round robin from 2001.  I remember appliquéing the center block while I had pneumonia, compliments of my son.  Children under five love to share.

fall round robin 

I thought about finishing it a few years ago, and even went as far as drawing it in EQ and adding another two rounds.  I never liked the design well enough to finish the top.  Sometimes part of a design bothers me, but I can’t put my finger on exactly why.  Something in this design just wasn’t right. 

The more I look at it, the more I think this quilt needs bright blue to make it pop and curves to soften it up.  I’ll have to pull up the EQ design and play around with it more.  If I can decide on the design and pull the fabric together to finish the top, I might be able to get it quilted and bound that weekend too.  It would be great to come home from retreat with one less UFO.

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