This weekend I experimented with consciously managing my time.  I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I waste shuffling around the house waiting for something else to happen.  I often wait ten minutes for my husband or son to get ready to go somewhere.  Maybe there’s fifteen minutes until dinner is ready.  My son is the king of wanting to start something in eight minutes, but not now.  I might have five minutes until a show starts on TV.  Usually I grab my book, but this weekend I ran into the sewing room instead.


I definitely got more done and had more time to sew.  Even though I worked Saturday morning, I got all my household chores done, prepped an appliqué block and quilted on the tree branch quilt.  In addition, I spent hours working with my husband to save my ipod from an early death.  I now have a note next to my computer reminding me to NEVER update my Itunes software again.  Recovering from corrupt software reminded me of recovering from broken ribs.  Very slow.  Very painful.


I believe the benefit resulted from consciously choosing how I used my time rather than picking up extra sewing time between tasks.  Having a plan improved my focus.  I will continue the experiment through the week to see if the trend continues.


As far as stash goes, prepping the appliqué block used between and eighth and a quarter yard of fabric.  We’ll call it an eighth.  I didn’t buy any fabric this week.


Bought year to date – 3

Used year to date  – 12 1/8

See how everyone else is doing here.

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