Trunk Show

I’m giving a short presentation tonight at art quilt group about painted fabrics.  I’ll start with a brief overview of supplies needed, then show the fabrics and explain which techniques I used.  Since I have everything pulled out I thought I’d do the Readers Digest version here.


These were inspired by Mickey Lawler’s skydyes.

sky dyes 

I used salt on these and did some sun printing.

salted fabric 

I sprinkled these with kitty litter.  It absorbs the paint, then redeposits it leaving the little specks.

kitty litter fabric 

Stamped fabric.

stamped fabric 

This Shibori fabric is one of my favorites.


My painted and dyed fabrics are a stash unto themselves, so these samples are only a small portion of what I have.  I need to use them up so I can paint more!

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