I’m making progress on the May TIF challenge piece.  I’m compelled to work on this block every time I go into the sewing room.  Even when I plan to work on something else, I walk over and pick up this project instead.

May TIF after embroidery 

It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fun.  After doing all the painting and stamping, I couldn’t decide what to do next.  When this happens I sit and stare at my project hoping to come up with an idea.  This piece came right out and told me what it wanted:  embroidery.  I enjoy handwork, but I don’t add much embroidery to my quilts.  But hey, the point of this challenge is to Take It Further.  If the piece wants embroidery, then the piece gets embroidery.

  Embroidery – done.  What next?  “Beads,” it whispered.  I quickly chose what beads to add, besides the tiny butterfly beads, but decided to attach them later.  I find it easier to quilt without beads in the way. 

hand dyed backing How should I quilt it?  A project that asked for embroidery and beading expected hand quilting, of course!  The design?  That idea came a little slower, but I have a plan.  The backing?  This hand dyed fabric matches the painted fabric so I think I’ll use it.


After a trip to the store to buy thread in various colors, quilting begins. 


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