On the Show Floor

I got home yesterday evening after driving through torrential rains for a good hour.  The National Quilting Association put on another great show.  I didn’t hear one negative comment about the show, classes or lectures from anyone.  Even the vendors were happy.


I didn’t see a trend in the show quilts, but some items caught my eye.

·        Machine quilted entries from Japan

·        Blended quilts winning ribbons

·        More quilts with computerized embroidery and thread painting

·        Denser machine quilting, many times using metallic thread

·        Numerous quilts designed with EQ software

·        Bright, saturated colors used as background fabrics


The intense colors on some quilts hurt my eyes when I looked at them.  I’m a big fan of bold colors, but even I have my limits.  Machine quilting has definitely hit a new level.  I ran into one of our local longarm quilters and she commented that her customers would get upset with her if she put that much quilting on their quilts.  It’s definitely a matter of personal taste.

kit quilt 

My favorite exhibit contained 1930’s kit quilts displayed with the instruction pages from the kits.  I took most my pictures there.  I looked back in the show book, but couldn’t find mention of the sponsor.


The stash busting efforts survived the show.  I only bought one fat quarter.  I needed some border fabric, but I forgot both my fabric swatches and my color tool so that purchase will have to wait for another day.  I’ll talk about the class I took in my next post.


Fabric in this week:  .25 yards

Fabric in YTD:  9.5 yards


Fabric out this week:  0 yard

Fabric out YTD:  21.75 yards

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