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I finally finished the May Take it Further challenge  piece.  The theme for May was “what do you call yourself and why”.  When I started the challenge I posted about not calling myself anything except creative because labels can limit … Continue reading

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Ground Rules

Do any of you subscribe to American Patchwork and Quilting?  I bought my subscription during the school magazine sale last year.  I received the newest issue in the mail Friday and immediately pulled out this door sign.  The small print … Continue reading

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Another Saturday, Another Show

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show at Washtenaw College.  Most years I forget the date and don’t realize I missed it until I hear other people talk about it.  I’m so thankful … Continue reading

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Waiting Room

So many projects hanging in the breeze, wishing I would finish one of them.   I’m maintaining my backlog and working two months behind on the Take It Further challenge pieces.  Every time I decide to skip a month, an … Continue reading

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Fabric Beads

Lori asked for instructions on how to make fabric beads like the one in the last blog post.  I found this wonderful tutorial that shows step by step what the lady at the guild show taught me.  You can view … Continue reading

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Going the Wrong Way

It was bound to happen sooner or later with all the running around I did this week.   Yesterday I met four friends and we drove to Port Clinton, Ohio for the Ohio Star Quilters Guild quilt show.  For a … Continue reading

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Judy L. had another quiltathon yesterday and today.  I thought I’d sew like crazy, but I ended up doing related tasks instead.  Yesterday I pieced the backing, then layered and pin basted the fall round robin quilt.  As soon as … Continue reading

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In Bloom

Progress on the May TIF challenge continues.  Flowers bloom across a grid of green.  A few more blossoms, some beads, and an edge treatment will complete the piece.  Sketches and notes pile up for the June TIF challenge.  As one … Continue reading

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Out and About

I’m on vacation this week.  We decided to stay home and take day trips to nearby attractions we’ve always wanted to visit.  We tried this a couple years ago with poor results.  This time I’m determined we’ll leave the house … Continue reading

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Adding a Finish

I finished the star quilt last night.  I love this technique!  The openings may or may not appear in future quilts, depending on whether or not it adds to the design.  I don’t plan to put an opening in a … Continue reading

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