The theme of August’s Take It Further Challenge is balance, as it relates to a person’s life.  I hadn’t planned to work on the August challenge yet since I’m still working on the June and July challenges.  Just when I think I’ll skip a month an idea sneaks in.


I never achieve the illusion of balance.  I don’t believe balance exists.  At any point in time one thing or another takes priority in life.  This week we gear up for the first day of school.  Some months my career takes precedence.  Other weeks health or family issues (usually one in the same) become the focus.  Maybe it evens out in the long run, maybe not.  Honestly, I don’t give it much thought.  I deal with whatever I need to and let the rest take care of itself.  As a friend always told me, “Why crawl on bloody knees when you can stand up and walk?  You get where you’re going either way.”


As I redesigned the QOV top, I noticed that a line drawn down the middle, either horizontally or vertically, created two mirror image sections.  The design gives the illusion of balance.  I know when I sew it the parts won’t match.  A crooked seam here and an incorrect cut there will make each section slightly different.  With these thoughts in mind, the QOV project became my August TIF challenge piece.

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