Fabric Painting for Kids

I’m still hand tacking the binding on the round robin.  I’m determined to get this project finished so I can add the totals to my stash report.


I’ve read several books this summer but decided to discontinue posting reviews unless they are quilt related.  I prefer to keep the content more on topic.


I’m also aware I haven’t painted anything for a while.  Ideas for more painting projects are in the works.


party shirtMy son did some fabric painting a couple weeks ago at a birthday party.  All the kids painted t-shirts using the spray fabric paint.  I haven’t washed his yet because I’m a little nervous about putting it in the washer with anything else.  Items that need washed separately always sit in the laundry basket a long time.


I bought this spray fabric paint years ago just to see how it worked.  I know I tried it, but I can’t remember what I used it on, nor can I find it.  Maybe this should be my next paint experiment.

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