Show and Stash

Yesterday one of my quilt groups had a small show to celebrate our 20th year anniversary.  We still have a few of the original members.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  I just can’t get used to taking it with me wherever I go.  I need to get a second one I can leave in the car or something.


We spread the quilts out over the pews in the church where we have our meetings.  Set up and tear down was so much easier than using a hanging system, plus our guests could get a closer look at the quilting and embellishments.  We didn’t charge admission but had a donation basket at the door.  The proceeds went toward the church’s mission project.


Members of the group sat in the meeting room and demonstrated various quilting techniques while others tied charity quilts.  We had a nice turnout despite a morning long downpour.


On the stash front, I bought two yards of 90-inch wide fabric to back my sister’s quilt.  I’m not adding it to my totals because it will never hit the stash drawer.  I’m basting that quilt as soon as I have access to a large enough space, probably at retreat.  I didn’t use any fabric this week so my totals stay the same.


Fabric in this week:  0 yard

Fabric in YTD:  14.5 yards


Fabric out this week:  2.25 yard

Fabric out YTD:  24.75 yards

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