The Art of Rob Gonsalves

One of the members of my Art Quilt Group shared a link to Rob Gonsalves’ paintings.  Here’s the best site I found for viewing his art without lots of clicking and back tracking.  I had not come across this artist before.  I love the way his paintings flow from one thing to another.  I look at this page and the ideas start flying.  I hope you enjoy it too.


On the home front, quilts make slow progress as I continue staining windows.  The bathroom window required more sanding and cleaning than I expected, then the outer trim stained different than the window because it was made from different wood.  A second coat of stain rid of the trim of its splotchy look.

I also stopped at Michael’s today to buy t-shirts.  For those of you that love making yo-yos, Michael’s carries the Clover yo-yo makers.  The 40% and 50% off coupons they always put in the newspaper make these a bargain.  I think the heart and flower ones are especially cool.      

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