Fabric Painting White on White

Do you remember when HGTV broadcast new seasons of Simply Quilts?  I taped the show and watched it when I had time.  On one episode, the guest stamped either paint or ink onto white on white (wow) fabric and produced a very cool design.  I don’t remember the name of the guest or the theme of the show.  I only remember thinking I had to try that technique.  I searched the HGTV website for show notes, but couldn’t find them without more info.  If anyone remembers the name of that episode, please leave a comment or email me and I’ll post an update.


For most of this year I’ve looked at the “stamp wow fabric” item on my list of things to try with renewed interest.  I even sketched some small quilt designs with stamped patterns.  Since the idea won’t go away, I decided to try it.


wow fabricsThese are my test fabrics:  wow, white on cream (woc) and white on something between white and cream (off white?).


I tried using a light paint (yellow), a dark (black), a medium (purple) and a metallic (pewter).  I watered down all the paints.  Here are the results.


painted wow fabricI like the black and the pewter the best.  The yellow didn’t do much for the fabric.  I think you need the contrast of the darker color with the white texture to see the full effect.  Where the purple bled into the yellow I got a reddish brown, which also worked.  Then I tried over painting the yellow, black and purple with pewter.  It didn’t help the yellow, but everything else shimmered.


Now that I have a feel for which colors work best, I’ll move on to stamping.


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