Adding to the Family

My husband came home for lunch yesterday and told me about a moma cat and her two kittens that someone dumped where he works.  The property owner called the Humane Society and they said they have so many cats that they would immediately euthanize all three.  Pet dumping happens frequently in that area.  The property owner’s grandson adopted the last stray cat.  The whole family has hit their limit.


stray catSo this came home from work with my husband last night.  Isn’t she adorable?  We hadn’t planned on another pet, but I hate to see such a little thing killed.  She doesn’t do much else but eat and follow us around.  I don’t understand why people abuse and neglect well behaved animals, or any animal for that matter.


Every one of our current pets had a rough start to life.  I wrote about saving our dog from the pound here.  Someone dumped our older cat and treated it so badly that it wouldn’t come up to the house for a year.  It survived on what it could kill in the field behind our property.

We haven’t named her yet, pending a health screening and acceptance by the older cat.  We hope he adjusts given time.    

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