Ann Arbor Quilt Shop

A friend wanted to go to Ann Arbor to shop at Whole Foods, so we made a day of it and visited a quilt shop too. 


We stopped at Lake St. Mercantile in South Lyons, Michigan first.  If you like 1800s reproduction fabric, this is the shop for you.  We spent the first fifteen minutes drooling over the building, an 1800’s era bank completely restored by the owner and her husband.  You don’t see woodwork like that anymore.


The shop also carries rug hooking supplies.  The owner demonstrated the technique for us.  She had a selection of Crabapple Hill Studio patterns that I loved.  I hadn’t seen these before.  Adorable!


On the way back to Ann Arbor we ran into heavy football game traffic.  I think Michigan State played U of M.  We stopped for lunch then shopped at Whole Foods.  The free samples of white chocolate mousse cake had us raving.  I didn’t buy one, but I did buy some of their roasted red pepper hummus.  Grocery store hummus doesn’t even compare.


Since I’m not a fan of reproduction fabrics, I had an easy time resisting.  I added the fabric favor I received at a guild potluck a couple weeks ago, a four pack of sweet sixteenths.  Next week I’ll have a small finish to change the totals again.sweet 16ths pack


Fabric in this week:  .25 yard

Fabric in YTD:  14.75 yards


Fabric out this week:  0 yard

Fabric out YTD:  29.41 yards    

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