A Peek at my Bookshelf

bookI was looking for a Christmas stocking pattern the other day and I pulled Scrap Saver’s Christmas Stitchery by Sandra Lounsbury Foose (Oxmoor House, 1986) off my shelf.  I picked up this book at a library used book sale.  Sometimes I forget about my books and look to the internet first for patterns.  This book has lots of cute Christmas ornaments and practical gift ideas.  I may still find time to make something from it.


quilt pamphletHere’s another favorite from my shelf, Grandmother’s Flower Quilts.  I bought this one at a retreat garage sale.  I tried researching it online to identify the author or the publisher since the pamphlet doesn’t list either.  I found one source that named the publishing date as 1970.  It looks like something you could order from the old Workbasket magazines.  If you have any information on this pamphlet, please let me know.


Here’s another staple from my shelf, The Stencil Company catalog.  I browse through this flyer for ideas whenever I pick a quilting design.  I need to go back to International Quilt Festival in Chicago and get another one before this one falls apart.catalog


Do you have a favorite old book on your shelf that you use for inspiration?  I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment and share the title. 


Thanks to everyone that has left comments recently.  Please remember that if you do not link your website or your email address to your comment, I am unable to respond.  I’m not computer savvy enough to track you down!

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