Lending a Hand

At quilt group Monday night we decided to adopt a family instead of exchanging Christmas gifts.  Last year we bought bras, underwear, socks and towels for a small group of  pre-high school girls.  They asked for these items because their families couldn’t afford to buy them.  The girls were stunned that women who didn’t know them would give them these things. 


This year we see many of the same requests.  The parents asked for socks, underwear, shoes and coats for their two toddler boys.  For themselves they asked for light bulbs, cups, towels and kitchen utensils. 


I have a hard time imagining this level of poor.  I’ve had times in my own life when I had to choose between paying utility bills or buying food, but I’ve never had to go without light bulbs or underwear because I couldn’t afford them and no one in my life could help me out.


We also adopted four families at work.  We will provide a food delivery at Thanksgiving and a gift delivery at Christmas.  Our son’s school started collecting for the Toys for Tots program this week.  Since I work, live and attend quilt group in three different counties, each of these programs helps people in a different city.


Quilters are some of the most generous people I know.  As we head into the holiday season, please remember those less fortunate.  Even a small donation can make a big difference in someone’s life. 

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