November TIF Challenge

Sharon at Pin Tangle (formerly In a Minute Ago) chose the theme of “typography” for the November challenge.  My first reaction?  No way am I doing this one.  Then I got to wondering how anyone could relate typography to a fiber piece.  Did I understand the meaning of typography?  I wasn’t sure, so I looked it up.  That’s what I tell our son to do when he asks a question I can’t answer.


I found the I Love Typography website.  I had no idea people collected typography items the way quilters collect antique quilts.  If you scroll down the page to the October 29th and 30th posts, you will see the light bulb poster and the labyrinth logos.  I had never considered using a maze as the inspiration for a quilt, but I love the idea.  The labyrinth logos track back to this site with even more pictures, some in multi-colors.  Can you find the word “Turkey” repeated in the green and white labyrinth at the top of the page and others further down?


So the question that begs an answer is, “Can I design a quilt that looks like a maze and hide words in it?  Would people looking at my quilt notice the words?”  I might get the beginnings of a design together before the end of the month, but no way will I get a quilt made.


Thanks Sharon for an unusual and exciting idea!

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