Everyday Creativity and Stash Updates

For those of you that missed the initial post, one week ago I started getting up 30 minutes earlier in the mornings so I can sew first thing.  I wanted to see if I could increase my productivity and accomplish some creative goals by adding more sewing time to my day.  This is my first update since I posted about the experiment here.  


During the first week I added just over 4.5 hours of sewing time in six days, for 45 minutes per day average.  By day three it felt normal to get up and start working on a project.  I enjoyed working in a quiet house without interruptions.  It added to the meditative quality of the work and left me feeling relaxed.


After my creative time I do either an aerobic or strength training workout.  I have more energy for the exercise since I’ve been up and moving around longer.  I didn’t expect to get more out of my workouts as part of this experiment, so that’s a nice surprise.


Overall, I felt less tired and more relaxed this week.  I did not struggle with fatigue in the mornings, but the cold did make it hard to get out of bed.  We had two mornings with temperatures in the low 20s and one morning in the high teens.  This is the first week it’s been this cold.


The one day I took off, Friday, I felt out of sorts all day.  I think the change in routine caused this more than the loss of creative time.  I’ll have a better feel for this after a few more weeks.  I’m looking forward to week two of the experiment.


I’m tacking my stash report here rather than creating a separate post.  I used 2/3 yard fabric in the Christmas stocking.  I did not buy anything this week.


Fabric in this week:  0 yards

Fabric in YTD:  14.75 yards


Fabric out this week: .6 yards

Fabric out YTD:  30.72 yards    

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