Everyday Creativity Week Two

The second week of getting up early to fit in more sewing/creative time did not go as smooth as the first week.  I had difficulty waking up the first half of the week, but I did better after the holiday.  I ended up adding about 3.5 extra hours of time this week over six days, for a 35 minute per day average. 


I have to think the projects this week had an impact on my motivation to get out of bed.  Last week I finished a project, and last Sunday I finished the painting experiment.  This week I started working on two different UFOs, one where I’m struggling to get my design concept into fabric (i.e. making it harder than it is) and the one where I needed to make quilting design decisions.  I ended up cutting my own quilting template for this one.


I spent more time on projects in the evenings this week, which may also have lessened my motivation.  I did not feel like I NEEDED to touch fabric like I do when I don’t get any sewing time at all.  I had no idea when I started this experiment that so many different factors could impact the results.


I finished turning the binding on the QOV this week, so I’ve added a finish a week so far.  That itself is a huge improvement.  Without this experiment I would have only finished the QOV this year, and the stocking and whatever else I finish would have fallen in the “Oh well” category.


I plan to work on my self-motivation in week three.


I’ll go ahead and add the stash repot here since I didn’t have any changes.


Fabric in this week:  0 yards

Fabric in YTD:  14.75 yards


Fabric out this week: 0 yards

Fabric out YTD:  30.72 yards    

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