Baggie Swap

My Art Quilt group met last night for the first time since October.  The weather and the holidays forced us to cancel four meetings in a row.  Last night was a reschedule of the January meeting.  Because it wasn’t our normal meeting night, we had a smaller crowd.


We swapped Ziplock sandwich bags full of scraps as a carryover projects from a prior month.  I managed to cram 3/8 yard of fabric into my bag.  I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to get rid of scraps!


baggie swapThe bag I received didn’t have any fabric in it.   It looked more like a crazy quilt kit.  It contained, beads, beads and more beads, ribbon, lace, trinkets, ribbon flowers, sequins, wire, and a feather.  How fun is that?  The picture shows some of the contents.  It’s hard to appreciate how much was in the bag without seeing it in person. 


Of course, I’m supposed to make something from all this.  I see handwork lending itself to a slow cloth project once I have time to start.

 The group also plans to make quilts with a forest or tree theme to display at the Kaleidoscope of Quilts Show in July.  These quilts will hang in the entry area as an exhibit, along with quilts from other art groups.  I need to get busy sewing!

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