Fabric Painting: Salt and Potatoes Results

I cleaned and pressed the four samples.

painted fabric s/p 

Sample one used mashed potato flakes.  The flakes absorbed a lot of paint and lightened the piece.  The fabric smelled like potato chips when I washed it out.  I don’t think I’ll try this one again.


Sample two used urea.  It barely shows in the picture, but the urea created a slight crackle finish on the fabric.  I might try this one again outside in the sun.


Sample three used table salt.  I like the way the veining went straight across, although it resulted more from the lay of the fabric than the type of salt.


My old favorite, canning salt, didn’t have much to show for itself in sample four.


I don’t feel like I’ve exhausted all the possibilities for creating texture with salt and urea, but I get much better results outside in the sun.  Once the weather turns warmer I’ll start up these experiments again.  Until then – on to something new.

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