Fabric Painting: Layering Colors on Cheesecloth

cheesecloth1-dryBeth left a comment and asked what kind of paint I’m using.  I’m using Pebeo Setacolor and Lumiere fabric paints.  Maybe later I’ll try some inks, paintstiks, etc., but for now I’ll stick with paint.


I took another picture of the mostly dry samples.  You can see now how much more color variation happened on the brown piece. 


cheesecloth2For the next round I misted the fabric with a spray bottle to try for less paint saturation than the green but more than the brown.  With a stencil brush, I added splotches of rust on both pieces and silver metallic on the brown piece.  Both samples are still damp in this picture.


I’ll let these dry completely before I go another round.

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