On the Road

I spent the weekend at mom’s house to celebrate her birthday and get a first-hand look at some health problems she’s having.  I had a sense of what I’d find when I got there, so no real surprises.  Sometimes you just have to see for yourself to understand.


It takes me three hours to drive to her house.  A person can come to terms with a great many things in three hours of silence watching the fields and sky roll by.  When I make frequent trip there this time of year, I enjoy watching winter melt into spring.  It energizes me.


I expect to post to the blog less as I spend more time on the road taking care of mom.  She took care of me all through my childhood.  Now I’m returning the favor.  I am still creating and will share as time allows.


fish tableclothI did have a few bright spots during the trip.  I found not one, but two pairs of shoes at a local family run store.  Fierce shoes for wide feet don’t come around very often.  I also bought this adorable tablecloth at a discount drug chain.  Even the guys approve because it has fish on it.  I sent the polar bear tablecloth into hibernation until next Christmas, one of many things that was long past due.

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