Stash Report Week 13

fat quartersI’ll get the stash report out of the way first.  I did good at the Quilt Patch sale yesterday and only purchased two fat quarters.  Will I ever see positive numbers this year?  I have three weeks to bust fabric before I go to the Chicago show.


Total Added YTD:  5.25

Total Busted YTD:  3.25 yds

 Net Busted YTD:  -2 yds 

harmony House standMy favorite purchase of the day was this stand I bought at a consignment shop.  I did a little research once I got home and learned Sears sold these between 1940 and 1968 as part of their Harmony House line.  They also sold linens and other accessories under this name.  Products came in many different colors and Sears guaranteed color consistency between all items.  So if you purchased green bath towels they would match the green shelf you also bought for your bathroom.


The stand caught my eye because it’s made from oak and cost a fraction of what an oak end table would have cost.  At the time I thought I’d strip it and treat it with tung oil, but now I may leave the original paint.  I’ll decide after we live with it for a while.

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