Chicago Vendors Part One

So many vendors had interesting and innovative products at the show last weekend that there’s no way I can mention them all.  I’ll cover my favorites in a couple of posts to keep them from running too long.  As with all products I mention here, I have no affiliation.  I’m just a satisfied customer.


The big surprise of the show was the Golden Threads booth.  I’ve talked about Golden Threads Paper here before.  I use it to paper piece and draft machine quilting templates.  I stopped at their booth because I wanted to buy one of the 18” paper rolls.  My local quilt shop only carries the 12” rolls.


To my surprise, they also carry a wonderful assortment of quilting pattern packs and books.  They had one of the best selections of continuous line quilting designs I’ve ever seen.  All five of us bought something at their booth.  They also ran half hour lessons on machine quilting once every hour.  I listened to part of it, but everyone else sat through the whole thing.  The speaker had so many good tips to help beginning machine quilters gain confidence.  If you get a chance to visit the Golden Threads booth at a quilt show, it’s definitely worth your time.

               pattern pack and thread

Another favorite was the WonderFil booth.  I’ve wanted to get some Invisafil thread ever since I took Vikki Pignatelli’s class at the NQA show last year and saw her quilts.  This thread is ultra fine and doesn’t show when used in machine appliqué.  The owner was so gracious and let me take pictures of her quilts.  The thread work on them was simply amazing.  Unfortunately, there was a large spotlight hanging right above the quilts (part of the convention center structure) and the shadowing hid the details in my pictures.  If you see them vending at a show, those quilts are a must see.

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