Pushing the Limit

I visited the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild yesterday to hear Sue Beevers talk about her fabric design inspirations and how she translates those ideas to cloth.  She projected slides of her photos onto a large screen then showed the fabric the picture inspired.  In some cases she showed quilts made with the fabrics because some have oversized prints, which many quilters find hard to use.  It was interesting to see her approach and the results.  


I also enjoyed seeing quilts made by guild members and hearing about the numerous projects and events in the works.  Large guilds fascinate me with the sheer number of opportunities to participate.  None of the guilds and groups in my area have membership even close to the 400+ in Ann Arbor.  I’m sure I’ll return to hear other speakers.


After the meeting I stopped at Whole Foods, my favorite place to food shop.  I always stroll by the bakery to check out the samples and grab something yummy to munch on the way home.  Yesterday’s sample was lemon bars that came close to a religious experience.  I think I stopped breathing for a minute as it melted in my mouth.  And here I thought they would never top white chocolate mousse cake.

Good food aside, the trip gave me many things to think about.  The most important idea I took with me came from Sue Beevers as she described the process of designing fabric from idea to print, and the obligations that go with it.  Creating art, whether for personal growth or as a career, is work.  Lots of work.  Artists creating quilts that take the viewer’s breath away do not shuffle around the sewing room here and there.  They put in many long hours working out design details and constructing the piece.  I knew this, but I didn’t GET it.  As the idea sinks in I can feel a shift in perspective, a change in attitude.  Won’t that be the best gift of all?      

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