All Kinds of Updates

If you tried to view the blog over the weekend and couldn’t, the cause was Blog-City system maintenance.  Unfortunately, it took a day and a half before I could upload both posts and pictures.  Everything runs fine now.


Once I got back in, I did some clean-up.  I deleted some links in the side bar and added new ones.  I believe these links better reflect the themes of creativity, fabric painting, art quilts and personal discovery with the occasional quick gift or charity quilt thrown in.  I also revised my profile and changed the header background.


I haven’t shown any pictures, but I’m almost finished with the NQA challenge quilt.  I’ll post about it in a couple weeks, after I’ve mailed it to the show.  With that behind me I will get back to working on original designs and showing them in process.  As much fun as I had with the challenge piece, it took time away from other creative projects and I missed the freedom to work on whatever I wanted without a deadline looming.


My last update covers the time experiment I started last year by getting up earlier to enjoy more sewing time.  Initially, I sewed three hours a week or less and didn’t make much progress on anything.  Even a small quilt takes a long time at three hours a week.  My initial goal was seven hours, with a longer range goal of ten.  I stalled in the five to seven hour range for months.  About three weeks ago I broke through the mental barriers that held me back, and I logged over nine hours last week.  I know I’ll hit the ten hour mark this week.

Allowing myself time to do what I enjoy and experience steady progress has changed my whole perspective on what I do and how I do it.  Looking back, I have no idea why I waited so long to make the change or why I lived any other way.  Lesson learned.

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