Inquiring Minds

Beth (no blog) asked what changes I made to carve out more sewing time in my day.


The biggest changes were mental.  I realized that doing what I enjoy should be my first priority, and I had to stop letting other things distract me.  That’s my time and no one else can have it!


During the week I sew about a 30 minutes in the morning and at lunch, and anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes at night.  On the weekends I alternate sewing and household chores.  I try to fit in a couple hours a day.


A few other small changes made a big difference.  First I cleaned off the bed in the guest room, which is where I sew.  All those unfinished and unstarted projects no longer stare me in the face.  I stored them in project boxes where they don’t trigger guilty and stressful thoughts.  The bed holds only quilts I’m actively working on.

             sewing room bed 

Cleaning up also gave me a place to work.  I can stretch out and make design decisions.  I can audition fabrics.  I can sit and pin.  My husband can sit and talk to me.  My son can spread out and do his homework.  My family has comfortable access to me while I sew.  Simple change, great results.


The only thing I stopped doing was the dishes.  Most the time my husband does them.  I haven’t watched more than a couple hours of TV a week since before the birth of my teenage son.  I do read a little less, one to two books a week instead of two or three, but mostly I just waste less time.  I’m more conscious of how I spend my time and try to focus on tasks that add value.  I realized I can spend the whole weekend cleaning the house, and by Wednesday night it looks like it did before I spent the whole weekend cleaning.  My priorities changed.


Great question Beth!

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