A Day of Surprises

My son had an appointment today near the hospital where my quilt group chose to donate the baby quilts.  The women really outdid themselves and finished 25 quilts for the first drop off.  With several more quilts in the works, I’ll drop off again in August.


When I first contacted the hospital, I played down how many quilts we’d donate because the group only has 15 members.  My contact was surprised not only by how many I brought her today, but by the fact that more are coming.  

            NICU quilts 


This has been a project close to my heart.  My son’s specialists are affiliated with this hospital.  After watching him go through many procedures over the years, I understand that children need something to distract and comfort them when their surroundings and experiences get too scary.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide some comfort to the children and to let the parents know they aren’t alone.  People in the community care.


If you’ve read a while, you’ll remember that my son’s triglycerides were over 1300 and the cardiologist thought he had a rare blood disorder.  To compound the problem, he initially had negative reactions to most of the medications.  We played around for months to find a combination he could take.  Today his trigs are 310, and the danger of pancreatitis has passed.  We couldn’t be happier!  He finally has numbers ON the chart.  We feel confident that he will have normal levels in time.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and prayers over the past 18 months.  It meant so much to us. 

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