Fabric Painting 101: Skydyes

We’re covering this technique first because it’s a good way to experiment with applying paint to fabric.


There are only two rules you need to remember.

  1. This is fun
  2. You cannot do it wrong.


Once you have those down, anything goes.


I suggest starting with damp, wrinkled fabric and limiting yourself to three colors.  The water helps the colors blend into each other and the wrinkles add texture.  I’ve also pinned my fabric to the foamcore board to hold it in place.


Mix one part paint to one part water.  Paint the first color in broad brushstrokes, painting all the way to the edge of the fabric.



Now add the second color the same way.  This layer should overlap the first color as well as cover the white areas.


It's hard to see in the picture, but the red and yellow mixed to create orange.  You could stop here, but I am adding orange to soften the red edge lines.  The fabric is still damp and has not been ironed.


Here’s another piece I painted several years ago.



Have fun experimenting with wetness of the fabric and the thickness of the paint.

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