Fabric Painting 101: Folding

This is a super simple and fun technique.


Fan fold the fabric in one direction.  I’m using colored paper with print on one side so the folding technique is easier to see and the creases hold their shape while I take the picture.

        fold #1 


Fan fold the fabric in the other direction

        fold #2  

You will end up with a small fabric square.  Secure with a rubber band.


Dilute two different paint colors in two separate containers.  I use a 25/75 mix of paint and water.


Put the folded fabric in the first paint color.  Allow it to sit long enough to wick the paint half way up the fabric square.  This may take a little while depending on your fabric.


Put the fabric in the second color, white end down.  The end painted with the first color should be pointing up.  Allow the paint to wick up to cover the white area.

        fabric in paint 


After the fabric is saturated, take off the rubber band, unfold, and lay flat to dry.  I left mine outside overnight.

        folded painting technique 


Have fun playing with different folding techniques.  I folded the fabric on the left on the diagonal.  It has more of a tie-dye look.  The crease lines showing in the picture were created by the paint.  I have heat set and pressed the fabric, removing all the fold lines. 


See you in a week or so with another technique.

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