Stash Report Week 52

Well, this is it.  I didn’t buy or use any fabric this week.  I ended the year up about 25 yards.


I have big plans to finish some quilts next year instead of adding to the ever-growing UFO pile.  If finishing quilts doesn’t bust stash, I don’t know what will.


I made progress on the Not My Style quilt, but not enough to count in the busted total.

                    Not My Style in progress  

For those following my gluten-free baking journey, I made a loaf of bread this week.  It looks like paste and tastes like paste.  I’m looking for another recipe so I can try again.


I also made lemon bars, with better results.  The recipe needs tweaked, but they taste similar to the real thing.


Total Added YTD:  46.05 yds

Total Busted YTD:  21.25 yds


Net:   +24.8 yards

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