Making Do

Have you ever seen a picture of a quilt, loved the design, and then realized you couldn't buy the pattern?


I saw the Cobblestone Quilt on the Crazy About Quilts blog and had to have it.  After a little research, I learned it sold as a kit through the Fig Tree Club. 


Now I love Moda fabrics and Fig Tree fabrics and patterns, but I do not want to commit to buying four kits in one year just to get this pattern.  I have a vision in my head of this quilt in 1930 reproduction fabrics, Christmas prints or batiks.  I need to go in my own direction with this one.


So what’s a girl to do?  She draws a slightly different version in EQ.

          Cobblestones by Fig Tree 


Before anyone gets upset, I have no intention of selling or distributing this pattern.  I like the quilt, I want to make it using a different construction method than the original, and Fig Tree does not, at this time, offer the pattern alone for sale. 


I played around with the color placement and got some interesting variations.

          Cobblestone variation 

 I’ve been looking for a simple pattern to use for charity and other gift quilts, and I think I can have some fun with this one.  Thanks to the designers at Fig Tree for the inspiration.

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