Knotted Fabric Beads

A few weeks ago I posted a link to this tutorial from the folks at Threads Magazine that shows how to make knotted fabric beads.  I made some this morning to trade at the next Art Quilt Group meeting.

       knotted fabric beads      


The one on the left used the thinnest fabric strip.  I let the frayed edges show instead of folding them under. 


The middles bead used a wider and shorter fabric strip.  I folded the edges under on that one.


The one on the right used the largest fabric strip, about an inch wide by six inches long.  I folded the edges under.  The fabric was stiff, like the cheap stuff you get at the chain stores, and held the crease.  This one turned out the best.


The largest fabric strip clearly shows the knotting.  In the future I will starch the better quality fabric because the stiffness improved the results. 


This technique is definitely a keeper.

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