Picture Challenge #2 Sent

I had the best of intentions when working on this piece.  I took pictures at every step and planned to explain the process.


When I finished it I took one last set of pictures, plus pictures to go with my blog post that day.  My camera took pictures like normal and displayed them in the preview screen.  When I tried to download them to my computer, there was nothing saved. 


My camera finally died.  I had to retake the pictures with my husband’s camera.  Unfortunately, all those step-by-step pictures hadn’t saved either.  The camera had played a cruel little joke.

        PC #2 sent 


I used several metallic paints on this and the method described in the More Complicated Stencils lesson (see sidebar).  I also used gutta resist to make the curvy line.  The flower designs came from EQ6. 


I sponged the fabric around the flowers to give a more antique look.  The base fabric is cream with scattered slightly darker areas.  The finished quilt is 5 x 7 inches.


The group is having too much fun with this challenge.  I can’t wait to see what comes out of the next round.

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