Machine Quilting #5

I’ve moved on to the second charity quilt using a swirl design this time.


The design came from Patsy Thompson’s website in the Free Downloads section.  She calls it “the innies and outies family”.

       machine quilting swirls 


With this quilt the fear factor disappeared.  I’m much more relaxed as I quilt and I’m even enjoying it.  I like this pattern better than the loop pattern I used on the last quilt because it’s easier to maneuver the swirls.  Looking at it I thought it would be harder, which just goes to show that you never know until you try.


The more time I spend quilting, the more time I spend on Patsy’s website.  She must have a couple of books worth of information for free on her site.  She quilts on a Pfaff too, and I find it encouraging to see what’s possible on my machine.


Be sure to check out her site the next time you’re looking for a quilting design. 

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