At the beginning of the year I decided not to start any new projects, except Art Quilt Group challenges and other quilt group commitments, unless I finished a UFO.  I did not want to add to the pile of unfinished projects overtaking my sewing room.  The stuff is everywhere.

Meet the floor pile.

           floor ufos 


So far I’ve stuck with the decision, even when I want to start something new.  The challenge with any project, whether it’s cleaning out a closet or making a quilt, comes from sticking to it after the fun of starting wears off.  Starting and finishing create their own energy, but the middle is hard work.  It’s all too easy to stop there and recreate the fun and excitement by starting a new project.


Often I come home from the day job both mentally and physically exhausted.  My desk job requires lots of walking to check out various things at our three locations.  Two buildings sit within a half block of each other, and I walk it in good weather.  Add that to the stress of the regular workload and the high volume of incoming requests and I’m worn out by 5:00.


This got me rethinking my original decision.  Am I restricting my creative time by refusing to start a mindless project for the nights I am mindless?  Or am I just avoiding the hard work of all those middles?


I want to believe I’m restricting myself, but I doubt that’s true.  I can talk myself out of anything if I try hard enough.  In reality, if I get organized I bet I can find some mindless sewing in one of those old projects.


I pulled out a UFO a few weeks ago, but assembling that top is far from mindless.  My goal tonight is to pick a UFO, find the mindless tasks, and prep it so I can start sewing.


The next time I’m too tired to think straight but still want to sew, I’ll be ready.

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