Another Charity Quilt

Are you getting tired of seeing these?  I know I’m getting a little bored with quilting them.  I finished this one, made by a lady in my quilt group, and basted another.  After I quilt the next one, I’m taking a break.

       charity quilt 


I haven’t done any piecing to speak of since the first of the year.  Piecing backs doesn’t count.  I mean real piecing, like making a stack of blocks or a whole top.


I have some ideas, of course.


I’d like to rid my stash drawer of all those fabric pieces that are too big for the scrap bins and too small for anything except appliqué.  Fat quarters were a good idea when I did lots of paper piecing and small quilts.  Now I just want all their little remains gone.

 It’s time to EQ them to a better place. 

Sorry about the picture quality.  My husband used his camera over the weekend and changed the settings.  At least the quilting shows. 

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