The Problem with UFOs

Another block done on the kite quilt.  The design wall looks more interesting than just one block.

                 two kites 


When I sew, I try to think a couple steps ahead so I don’t get stuck.  After finishing the second kite, I started looking for sashing fabric.  The dark strip on the right just happened to be on top of the scrap pile


That’s all I have of that fabric.  I used it to bind a baby quilt ten years ago.  How it ended up with the current stuff I’ll never know.


So I spent 30 minutes looking for a different dark blue instead of getting ready for work.  That blue is my absolute favorite color and I buy tons of it.  I must use tons of it too because the blue on the left was the only other one I could find.  I dug it out of a UFO box, where I stashed it so I wouldn’t use it up on some other project.  I don’t need much for the sashing, and I plan to put the rest back in the box.


That half hour I wasted looking for fabric I knew I had?  That’s the problem with UFOs.

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