A Quarter of Clarity

At the end of 2009, I chose the word “clarity” as my theme word for 2010.  Now that I’ve lived with clarity for over three months, I thought I’d share some things about the experience.


When I chose clarity, I thought it would help me focus on actions and behaviors that supported various goals.  What I hadn’t considered is that core beliefs and the everyday chatter that runs through a person’s mind tends to drive what a person does.  It became immediately obvious that my thoughts needed work.


The first couple months felt a lot like getting scolded by the teacher in first grade for talking in class.  Repeatedly.  I found myself thinking. “Can we just move on?”


Sometime in March the focus shifted to action.  I started working with my mom to clean out her house in preparation for a time when she can’t live alone.  I also started looking at apartments for her in retirement communities near me.  I spend more time in the sewing room, and I’m finishing projects faster.  I am teaching myself free motion quilting.  I discovered audio books so I can make good use of the six-hour roundtrip to mom’s house.  Learning opportunities appeared that support my goals.  I plan to take a couple of classes this year.  I started meditating and practicing yoga.


If it sounds like a lot to happen at once, it is.  Whatever routines I had in the past lie crushed and torn in the trash.  I am redefining my life as it happens.  Amazingly, the chaos comes without stress and overwhelm.  I find I can retain my own inner peace through it all.


I look forward to what the next three months will bring. 

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