Secret Projects

Long time, no post!  Is it just me, or do the days fly by?


Later this month the third picture challenge project comes due.  I spent time planning that piece, but I didn’t post my progress because some of the ladies read the blog.  I like that one to be a surprise.  I’m going to use a technique I saw posted at Threads Magazine.  That group is so creative.  Every time I follow a link to their site I’m drooling over the coolness of it all.


We started another round of membership blocks in my quilt group, for people that weren’t members the last time around.  I started working on the block, and then stopped when I realized I wanted to change direction. 

            member blocks 


The recipient gave each of us the pictorial squares to include in the blocks.  The rust fabric will become cornerstones.  There will be fabric paint and stencils involved.

Long time, no paint either.  There will definitely be fabric paint involved

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